“Welcome to Red Power Station. We are passionate about creating the best streaming solution for you.

Your feedback is really important to us.

So we really want to hear from you to see what sort of solution you are looking for.

Our mission is for you to offer your clients a world class video streaming service.”
Iain Clark, Founder, Red Power Station

Streaming Services

Solo & Multi-Camera

Live Streaming an event

Having a live event is a great way to engage with your clients.

By live streaming events, your message can reach a much larger audience.

In addition you have a social media evergreen asset.

As well as webcasting live, we will record your whole event to TV broadcast standards.

Giving you the option to edit it into smaller highlight segments.

Larger multi-camera shoots, branding and live media asset insertion available.

Global Interview

Live streaming show with presenter interviewing guest

Imagine being able to interview all the world’s greatest experts at the same time?

Our researchers can research any topic and find experts who are great on screen and knowledgeable in their fields.

The experts can be global.

They only need to have internet access and a computer to connect to the live broadcast.

The vision mixing magic ensures that the presenter is shown with your branded graphics.

Interact in real time with your Facebook followers.

The presenter can respond to comments and ask the expert panel for their views on questions being asked.

Part of your team

White Label Solution


Finding and retaining the right skills can be tough.

We can act as your streaming production team.

Ensuring you have the best experts.

When technology changes we are not expensive retained team members that have to be re-trained.

Finding The Right Segment

Which audiences should you be targeting with your marketing campaigns?

Using Facebook Insights for video, you can see demographic data of who has been watching.

Highly targeted audiences can be identified who have watched the show and visited your client’s website, using the Facebook Pixel.

By creating a custom audience of people who actually take action, you can then create a laser focused “look a like audience” in Facebook, enabling you to target Facebook assets directly to segments who have taken action historically.

Pace of change

Marketing technology changes so fast.

It can be a struggle to find new marketing strategies that work for your clients.

The team has a vast experience of producing broadcast shows such as Channel 4 Dispatches and can research any subject matter needed to be presented.

Our presenters can showcase the material to a very high level.

The Team

Richard Hering

A multi award winning television director/producer in news and current affairs, including Channel 4’s Dispatches programme.

Alain ‘Fusion’ Clapham

The celebrated ‘Creative Storyteller’ has presented shows for MTV and Sky, hosted events at Wembley Arena, interviewed the likes of Beyoncé, Dr Dre and Marvel-mastermind Stan Lee, and shared his story on the TED stage.

Iain Clark
Producer, Researcher & Technology

Founder of Red Power Station in 2011.

Originally from an IT background, he has developed, tested and researched multiple streaming technologies.

Katrina Cotta
Assistant Director

Trained at Ravensbourne and launched her career with music videos and live streaming.