Stage 8 – Video marketing

Leverage YouTube the world’s 3rd largest social media channel to grow your business, get more traffic, leads and sales – FAST!

Keep your corporate videos out of the YouTube graveyard…

Why Use Video and YouTube In Your Business?

  1. 3rd most visited site worldwide – lots of potential eyeballs on your brand
  2. Number 2 search engine in the world behind Google – Video provides quick and visual info
  3. YouTube videos can be optimized for search – Google index’s video quickly
  4. YouTube audience is growing rapidly everyday – growth potential
  5. YouTube adds leverage to mobile users with over 100 million views daily – your brand can be consumed on the move

You cannot afford to ignore video marketing or YouTube any more…

We can help with the following YouTube video marketing package

  • Creating and implanting your video marketing strategy
  • Optimise your video channel to build authority
  • Optimise your individual videos for higher search ranking
  • Get more views for your video – think lots of eyeballs
  • Get more subscribers to your YouTube channel – think more leads
  • Share your video to online communities to build brand awareness
  • Manage your video marketing on a monthly basis to maintain steady growth
  • Respond to video comments
  • Produce monthly statistical data and provide feedback on video engagement and reach.

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