Stage 7 – Deploy

  • There are many options for deploying your videos on the Internet.
  • At the end of the day, great looking videos on your website are a given, but how does that work with you having your videos on YouTube?
  • In fact, we take all the hassle away from you and can set up and manage your YouTube channel as well as setting up systems to self host your videos.
  • We are constantly reviewing the changing landscape of video hosting and can advise and implement several different types of solutions.

Case Study – Life Residential

Life Residential approached us to replace and expand upon the videos on their website.

Most of their clients were watching their videos from overseas, especially in the Far East, so it was important that their client base could see them at the best quality possible.

When looking at the videos which Life Residential already had on their website we noticed that some of them did not play at all, and the ones which did would occasional stutter.

Not an ideal situation after going to all the effort of producing the videos and creating a fantastic looking site.

We investigated further and found out that they were hosting their own videos on their web server.

Web servers are not designed to deal with the large data throughputs needed for video content.

We knew that there was another way to do this, by using 3rd party video delivery networks.

Both YouTube and Vimeo are great places to host videos, they both have their draw backs.

We implemented a self hosted video solution using web based cloud services from Amazon and a third party video player which could be branded.

This was especially useful as we used a system of edge servers based around the world where the video content was replicated.

So a viewer in China would see a version hosted in China, ensuring an optimum viewing experience for their target audience.

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