Stage 1 & 2 – Fact Finding and The Concept

Firm foundations for any house are a must, and the same goes for building a video.

We sit down with you and fully understand your business before coming up with a video concept or writing a word of the script.

Case Study – Back2 – Office chair retail business

back2-wimpole-street-londonBack2 is a shop based in central London which sells high end office chairs, beds, lounge chairs and desks.

When talking with them we realised that there main bread and butter income came from the sales for office chairs.

In fact, the also carry carry DSE workstation assessments to make sure that an office working environment meets all the health and safety requirements.

Part of this process was that they had to teach people how to adjust their office chairs.

I’ve worked in office environments for twenty years and I still don’t know how to adjust an office chair. So I came up with the concept of video showing you how to adjust your office chair.

The thinking behind this video was that people would share the video on YouTube as it is a valuable educational resource.

The last time I looked they had 11,366 views.

How to adjust your office chair properly on YouTube

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