Our Process

1. Fact Finding

We sit down with you to truly understand your business and objectives.

You are important and what you have to say is important.

Using this information and our expertise we devise a video marketing strategy.

Learn more about our fact finding process.


2. The concept

Every video we do has a concept around who it is for and what is trying to achieve.

Our strength is in devising an original and engaging concept for your video.

For some videos, we will create story boards so you can visualise the end product.

Learn more about how we come up with the right video concept for you.


3. Script

Believe it or not, all our videos have a script.

Various options are available from 1 day workshops with your team to develop a perfect script which truly reflects who they are, or just let us get on with it.

Don’t worry, we will work with you until you are totally happy with your script.


4. Public speaking training

Lights, camera and action.

Now what? Silence?

Many people put off making a video as they fall to pieces in front of the camera.

Don’t worry, we are specialists in coaching people to perform in front of the camera.

Our specialists come from:

  • Stand up comedy
  • Acting
  • Public speaking
  • Celebrity speech writers
Learn more about our public speaking training options.

5. The shoot

As one of the only video marketing companies with a mobile green screen studio, we can replace the background with anything.

Many clients love this, as their office environment is not the ideal back drop for their video.

We always use professional microphones and lights so you will sound and look fantastic.

Studio shooting is available throughout London including our own studio space in Pimlico, London for smaller projects.

Learn more about the shoot and see example videos.


6. The edit

After the shoot we guarantee to edit and deliver the first cut of your video within 14 days.

We have a dedicated team of editors.

Iain Clark is the creative director and comes up with the ideas.

He personally works with the editors to ensure his creative idea is perfectly realised.

Learn more about the video editing service with examples.


7. Deploy

Once your video has been completed how do you get it on your website.

We are here to help you set up your:

  • YouTube channel
  • Vimeo channel
  • Video self hosting

Want DVDs?
No problem, we master DVDs and can arrange for their duplication.

Learn more about deploying your videos on the web


8. Marketing

So, apart from converting site visitors into paying customers, what can videos achieve for your marketing?

Leverage YouTube the world’s 3rd largest social media channel to grow your business, get more traffic, leads and sales – FAST!

Learn more about online video marketing.

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