How to get good search engine rankings with your YouTube video

How to get good search engine rankings with your YouTube video

So you have created a video and put it on your website?

The good news is you have definitely helped your search engine rankings by just doing this. However, you are missing out some other techniques that will help you so much more.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and feeds it’s results to the biggest search engine in the world, you guessed it, Google Search. So how can you take advantage of this?

The first thing to do is obviously to have a YouTube account. Sign up and then upload your own content. Once you have uploaded your content you will be given 3 boxes to fill in.

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
[/starlist] What you put in these 3 boxes will make a huge difference to your search rankings. Before you fill them in with random stuff do some keyword research.

Keyword research

Keyword research is in effect guessing the words that potential customers are going to be typing into the search engines.

You Tube Promoted Videos Keyword Tool

A good guess is a start, but there are tools out there which can help. One such tool is the YouTube Promoted Videos Keyword Tool . Use this tool to find keyword ideas – why not make several videos and target different keywords over a period of time.
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YouTube Search Suggestions

Another top tool to use are YouTube Search Suggestions. When you type a search in the YouTube it will give you a load of auto-completed search terms. What people don’t tell you is that they are in the order of highest traffic terms. A good place to come up with great keywords.
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Local Place Words

When I’m coming up with keywords I like to use local place words. For instance, Pimlico Gift Shop or London Gift Shop. Most of our clients are in London so I always include London in any keyword.[/col_12_inner] [col_12_inner_last]

Google Trends

Use Google Trends to see what is popular. What search terms are increasing and which search terms are decreasing.[/col_12_inner_last] [spacer]

Personalised gift ideas have increased by 300%

Fill in the META data

So now you have your keywords, the next thing is to fill in those text fields in YouTube.
[col_12_inner] Title – This is the most important field to get good rankings. Make sure you put your keywords in here and the most important ones at the beginning. Balance that with a catchy title. For instance, 7 great gift ideas in London for the person who has everything.

Description – Gosh, you have a full 5000 characters to write in here! More is better. Go to town and write an article to go with the video. Tell the world about all your services, products, happy clients and testimonials. However, always put the URL of your site at the very beginning e.g. This is the one place, where you can get a link from your YouTube video back to your website. Why not include other links to your Blog, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile. Include your name and phone number. Remember, more is better here!
[/col_12_inner] [col_12_inner_last] Tags – Include your keywords, your business name, your name, your location, your postcode. Even include common mis-spellings of those words.

Good luck, you have now done everything to give your video that push that it deserves. Let me know how you get on using the comments box below.