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Why should people buy from you?

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When making sizable purchases, trust and emotion become a huge factor in deciding what version of whatever it is we want, we end up buying. As the majority of customers now research online before they purchase, it is incredibly important to have a clear focus on both what it is you sell and who you sell to. Especially in the vast service industry it is vital to be 100% certain on what your product is and to have a vague idea of who your most prolific customers as this way you can be much more targeted.

Sitting on a crowed tube the vast majority of people don’t strike up a conversation with the person next to them. Why would you, you live in a city where even eye contact with strangers is an awkward deviation from our busy, secular lives. How would you react if the person next to you started trying to sell you something? The internet is similar to a crowded tube, lots of strangers bustling around, hasty to get to their next port of call, find the product they want.

If your website includes video then you are taking the first steps in turning that stranger into loyal customer. Your initiating that first contact but through the personally removed medium of the internet. However you can take this further not only do you have a video of you the business owner on your web page you also have video testimonials of satisfied customers. People inherently trust people far more than words; you can read someones body language, their tone of voice and facial expressions.

Selling over the internet you are normally selling to individuals you need to your target demographic, their age, gender and rough economic backing. The greater the understanding over who you are selling to the better you can stream line your marketing approach to focus on them. Be aware of why you stand out from the crowd, have a USP and shout about it, preferably on a red power station video.

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