Chocolate teapot video is live

I’ve seen lots of websites over the years, some of them have been fantastic and others not so fantastic. In fact, I’ve been heard to say “that website is as useless as a chocolate teapot”. Well, that got me thinking. What would happen if you tried to make a chocolate teapot and make a cup of tea with it. Watch the video above and see what happens.

The video was shot in my kitchen in Pimlico, London, United Kingdom with my good friend Parag Sankhe. It took two afternoons to shoot. There were in fact two chocolate teapots – the first fell to pieces (more liked melted to nothing). I didn’t realise, but there is a special chocolate you have to use when moulding in chocolate and it needs to be tempered. This involves heating it to just the right temperature and keeping it there for while. After a while you have to let it cool down. Anyway, I’m definitely not a master chocolate maker.

The video had it’s first live screening at a business networking group called Network Nouveau – if you are ever in London then feel welcome to get in contact and I can take you as guest. It was well received and there was even a round of applause at the end. Thanks guys.

I am passionate about improving the marketing efforts of small business owners, such as shops and small consultancies etc. So many companies could easily benefit from just some basic SEO and an article marketing strategy. In my view these are the stages for getting good SEO on your website (I will be writing blog entries about them so look out for them):

  • Stage 1 – Keyword research
    • Pick keyword phrases
    • Look at the competition – can you get good results?
  • Stage 2 – Onsite Optimisation
    • Different TITLE tag on each page
    • Different DESCRIPTION tag on each page
    • Keyword in website URL
      • Domain name e.g.
      • URL e.g. http://mywebsite/london-solicitors
    • Local search – contact details on every page
  • Stage 3 – Backlinks
    • More quality and relevant backlinks the better
    • Competitor analysis
    • Directories
    • Article marketing
      • Blog
      • Syndicate articles
    • Social media
  • Stage 4 – Monitor
    • Monitor web traffic – Google Analytics
    • Monitor ranking in search engines over time
    • Take corrective action
  • Stage 5 – Convert web site traffic to clients
    • Video on website introducing company
    • Sign up to video series e.g. 10 fatal mistakes to avoid when marketing your website
    • Email link to video hosted on your site every 2 weeks
    • In return get a marketing database of names and emails who are interested in your product.